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Join retirement expert Robert Laura as he guides you through this interactive and engaging, 6‐session Bible Study that will help you grow, connect, and draw closer to family, friends, and God as you move from work life to home life.

I wrote this Bible study because after over twenty years as a financial professional I realized the traditional retirement planning process is backwards. It’s the reason why so many people not only fail, but often ruin their relationships, turn to unhealthy habits, feel isolated or alone, or regret their decision to leave work. The issue at hand is that the current process focuses on money first, then the individual, and then only in rare cases, is God brought into the picture. Now I don’t know about you but I don’t think there is any place in Scripture where it is recommended to plan by focusing on money first, then yourself, and finally sprinkling in some Jesus when its convenient.

What we need to do is flip this process over and turn things around! We need to focus on God first, then ourselves, and then finally the money. God, You, Money!

This is the new era of retirement planning where we focus more on salvation rather than savings. Where our goal isn’t just making our way to and through retirement but rather to our ultimate destination in Heaven!

The videos and workbook:

  • Positions you for important conversations that will strengthen your relationships with God, family, and friends
  • Prepares you to overcome Satan’s temptations and the dark side of retirement
  • Helps reduce retirement stress and worries by aligning your thoughts and actions with God’s word
  • Provides Biblical perspective to help you retire with clarity, purpose, and direction

Now is the time to focus more on God’s saving grace rather than your personal savings. Please join us and use  Retirement Roots to discover the best of what God has in store for you.

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