We are all called to do different things at different times.  Nothing surprised me more than the calling I felt to write a Retirement Bible Study.   But it’s become my personal ministry to help make God a priority in people’s lives as they contemplate and make their transition into retirement.   

I have seen and helped hundreds of people prepare for retirement in earthly terms.  With the right amount of money, asset allocation, and transition plan.  But none of that maters because without your spiritual health, or a connection to God and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, I can assure you none of that stuff will matter.

I have also found that many people come to meet and want me to help them figure out the perfect plan.  But I can’t, and never will be able to. That’s not something you are going to hear from most financial planners, but the reality is, you can never have it all figured out because God wants you to rely on him as you make this transition.

Reality is, the Bible doesn’t endorse the way many people perceive retirement. Nowhere does scripture offer ideas or suggestions for living a leisure filled, self-serving life. There’s no extra commandments or prophet that says you can sit on the couch all day, let your relationship deteriorate, give up on your health and well-being, stop using your gifts and talents, and most of all, stop serving others. That being said, you’re not going to end up in hell because you accepted a buy-out offer or decided 35 years with the same company was enough. The challenge comes in when people turn retirement into a self-centered time instead of God-centered time where they can do, say, or be whatever they want, without limitation or consequence.

More importantly, retirement is portrayed as life’s ultimate goal and sign of freedom, but it’s not. Getting into heaven is. That’s a powerful reality I don’t want anyone to regret or realize too late. It’s not like saying, “I sure wish I would have invested in gold when it was $800 an ounce” or “bought some shares of Apple when they first went public.”

Managing those regrets or other earthly issues during 20-30 years in retirement pales in comparison to where and how you will spend eternity. Having a relationship with God and accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior is a boat you don’t want to miss.

While the Bible doesn’t endorse many of today’s retirement ideals, Scripture actually overflows with Gods plan and promises for your retirement. In such a way, that nearly every book of the Bible contains retirement wisdom for those interested in seeking it out and applying it to this season of life.

It’s time to remove all the fear, shame, guilt, worry and concern that can come with a pure focus on the money once you retire. The goal is to help you see and integrate God’s word, will, and plan into securing your position in eternity

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